Geolocation Compliance Made Easy with GeoLocs

Manage boundaries, ensure regulatory adherence, and make data-driven decisions.

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Key Features - No companion app and seamless integration
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Self-Manage Geo-Boundaries with Ease

GeoLocs simplifies geolocation compliance by providing operators with an intuitive platform to self-manage geo-boundaries. This not only fosters geolocation compliance and regulations but also grants operators the flexibility to adapt services based on changing requirements, enhancing user experience.

Meet Regulatory Compliance with Confidence

With GeoLocs, operators can confidently meet geolocation compliance requirements set forth by regulatory authorities. The platform offers robust tracking capabilities, enabling operators to monitor users' locations in real-time, using geo-pings, while adhering to specific legal obligations.

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Key Features - Security

No Companion Apps Needed, Simplified Compliance

GeoLocs stands out by eliminating companion apps and additional downloads for users, making geolocation compliance seamless. This approach fosters higher user adoption rates, reduces friction, and minimises potential compliance gaps.

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Fraud Prevention

GeoLocs integrates sophisticated fraud prevention mechanisms, bolstering operators' ability to combat fraudulent activities. Through geolocation lookups (geo-pings) and cross-referencing data, the platform identifies suspicious behaviour promptly. This protects operators from financial losses and ensures the integrity of the services they provide.

Key Features - Self Service Portal and Location based marketing

Comprehensive Reporting

GeoLocs provides access to detailed analytics to assess trends, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions in order to optimise operations. This data-centric approach empowers operators to continuously improve, while maintaining geolocation compliance.

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Seamless SDK Integration for Swift Implementation

Streamline the process of implementing geolocation compliance into iGamung iOS, Android apps or websites, with the seamless GeoLocs Software Development Kit (SDK) integration. Saving time, eliminating disruption to infrastructure, ensuring a smooth user experience, and further promoting compliance.

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Capturing Device Information for Accurate Tracking

GeoLocs starts by capturing comprehensive device information, including unique identifiers and location data, such as the latitude and longitude of the device. This information serves as the foundation for precise geolocation compliance allowing operators to effectively geolocate users in real-time.

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Fast Verification for Seamless User Experience

GeoLocs employs cutting-edge verification processes that are both rapid and robust. When users interact with an operator's app or website, the platform quickly verifies their geolocation data enhancing the user experience by minimising delays and friction, thus promoting greater user engagement and overall satisfaction.

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Dynamic Validation of Player Location for Real-time Compliance

Geolocation compliance is an ongoing process, and GeoLocs dynamically validates player locations using lookups as a user moves, ensuring continuous adherence to geolocation compliance. Lookup frequency can be set in the self-serviceable platform and increase the closer a user is to the geo-boundary.

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Trust Score Threshold for Enhanced Security

To further enhance geolocation compliance, GeoLocs uses a Trust Score Threshold. This supports checks for devices that are fraudulent (jailbroken, using VPN, running GPS spoofing). If a user's trust score falls below the predefined threshold, access may be restricted or closely monitored, ensuring geolocation compliance is met.

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Digital Fingerprinting for Advanced Identification

GeoLocs implements digital fingerprinting techniques, such as device ID matching, to uniquely identify user devices. This approach adds an extra layer of geolocation compliance by preventing unauthorised access or attempts to manipulate location data.

Casumo Testimonial
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"The technology, knowledge, and expertise behind GeoLocs has been key in supporting us to license and operate in Ontario, during what is a highly anticipated and exciting milestone for Casumo and our players."

Mark Busittil, Chief Product Officer at Casumo

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